Our solutions for IAQ measurement are adapted to different systems and areas of use in all commercial and public buildings.

Our IAQ sensor units

Our latest sensor unit measures Radon with hourly values. It can be equipped with an optional PIR sensor for room use monitoring. The sensor also measures CO2, temperature, humidity and air pressure. We can also include measurement of VOC, airborne dust, O2 and CO if needed. It communicates wired with the building automation system via 0-10V, M-bus or Bacnet.

Our wireless IAQ sensors deliver the same data, and with the same quality as the wired ones. This simplifies installation, and also allows for temporary use. We can design entire systems for wireless use, but we also deliver a mobile measuring set where the building owner can quickly get answers to key values for indoor climate during a day, week, month or year.

Standardor custom made?

We can quickly deliver both stand-alone wireless devices and standardized systems for both large and small projects. Contact us to find the best solution for your property.